Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q:  Why are there only 4 generations in the Family tree?

A:  Most of the information for these generations is available from family members at no cost. If you wanted information from more generations you may need to go to a paid service. However if each member in your family is encouraged to start their own LifeLongDiary then you finish up with a much more comprehensive recording of your immediate family and all additional nephews, nieces and cousins.

Q:  Why can’t I make my Diary and Family tree public?

A: LifeLongDiary is a Family Media site and member’s and children’s confidential information should be kept within the family.  Other measures such as encryption, passwords and secure sites enhance the security for all involved.  This link will take you to an article published on December 18 2013  in The Conversation by Myra Hamilton: Research Fellow in Social Policy at UNSW Australia

This article explores the benefits of shared memories:

 Amanda Barnier

<Professor of Cognitive Science and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Macquarie University 

Penny Van Bergen

<Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at Macquarie University

Q:  Why do I have to start a Diary for my children before I can start a Diary for my grandchild?

A:  To preserve the integrity of the Family Tree the Parents of the child must appear in the tree.  Also the parents need to give their permission for the diary to start.  This ensures that all parties are involved and aware.  The Grandparent may invite the Parents to view the Diary or they may encourage editing and inputting of additional material.

Q:  Where are the Diaries stored?

In the ‘Cloud’.  This means that the Diaries are stored on a computer other than on the computer that was used to create the Diary.  This other computer is usually a very big computer in another location and that computer is backed up by another computer or computers in another location.  This means that if your computer is run over by a bus or is stolen or burnt the information is safe on another computer and can be accessed when you get another computer.

Q:  Can I use the LifeLongDiary on an iPad, tablet or smartphone?

A:  Yes.

Q: How reliable are my memories?

A: A very good question and one explored in depth by David Heslin, Editor of The Conversation published 5th February 2014. This is why we say "The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink!" - write it down, record it, take a picture of it and store it safely and securely for future generations. This link will take you to the article.

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Q: What is a SSL or TLS certificate.

A: See this Wikipedia site for more information:

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