The intent of this project is to create an online space where people can record their journey through life.  It can also be used to record the journeys of children, grandchildren, other loved ones, friends and relations.  It is designed to be a safe, secure and an encrypted environment.  The default for the site is private with other's access only available by specific invitation from the Author.  Access can be withdrawn at any time.

Often initiated by a parent, grandparent, godparent, uncle, aunt or older sibling (the Author) and maintained until a handover at an agreed age and/or celebration.

At start-up, a birth-date and other relevant details are entered thus beginning a diary of that person's life.  Details of the Mother and Father are requested and Grandparents, siblings and others may also be entered. This begins the basis of the ancestral tree and the capturing of significant events and milestones in the life of that person.  Family Medical history can also be recorded in the Storyline and searched for using 'tags', as can Academic and Sporting achievements.

Not Social Media but Family Media, with connections and sharing with family and a LifeLongDiary to track events and milestones.

LifeLongDiary and a complete ancestry is the history of me.

As the Author you have total control of the information and who it is shared with to ensure privacy and eliminate the possibility of compromise or theft of identity. The sale, assigning or passing of any information to another party will never be contemplated.

We firmly believe that everyone has a book in them.  What a head start if someone had lovingly recorded all the information that becomes important later in life.  For example, do you know:

Your weight at birth?

  • Where you were born?
  • When you got your first tooth?
  • Spoke your first word?
  • Your best friend at playgroup?
  • Your first day at school or university?
  • What happened on your 10th Birthday?
  • Your vaccinations and medical history?

And all those other milestones and anniversaries that helped make, who you are today.

Who you are today is also influenced by your ancestry.  Knowing where you come from can give you insights into where you may go. 

Do it for yourself

     Do it for a loved one

          Do it for your family

               Do it for history

                    Do it today!

Register here to become an Author and begin to experience the joy and satisfaction of building and enhancing family bonds.